LISTEN // October Jukebox

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Month ten, here we go! With the new season, my October Jukebox is here and it's a bit slower and a bit more romantic. I'm quite jealous of those that have an excuse to cuddle up due to colder weather, so make sure you listen on some downtime with a hot toddy. Being born on the first day of autumn, I'm personally a huge fan of the fall seasons. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of falling leaves around southern California (example, we're expecting another heat wave AND I'm still shopping for bathing suits) so I'll just have to light my autumn harvest candles and listen to Enya-nature-sounds of leaves falling while I imagine my previous Midwest seasons. Listen & enjoy.

CURRENTLY // August 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Another month has come and gone. Can you believe we're in August already? Every month I notice I go into habits, basically my creature comforts. Does anyone have their rituals and routines? I've seen other blogs do this and think it's a great thread to have to sum up my month's little quirks. Here are my current obsessions and habits in this month:

READING Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close is my current read. I'm actually quite taken with it, it's written very casually - as if a girlfriend was speaking with you. Despite the style of writing, it's still really sophisticated. Girls in their college and post-college years would definitely relate to all the relationships in this novel. Next up is a multitude of Saul Bellow stories.

WRITING This blog post, ha.

LISTENING I can't stop listening to Sylvan Esso's self-titled album. "Hey Mami", "Coffee" and "Wolf" are among the repeated tracks.

THINKING That I need a personal day to mull "things" over. I'm in a really pivotal moment in my life where I require a lot more planning than I'm used to.

SMELLING My black coffee. Mmmmm...

WISHING I actually had a romantic relationship. I never allow myself to get really close to people and that definitely has stopped relationships from growing. I'm so okay used to having my own time that I don't know what to do when another person needs or wants a good majority of it. It's not that I don't like it... I'm just not used to it.

HOPING There's nothing growing in my laundry pile. Dear Baby Jesus, how do you guys handle growing laundry?! I live in it! *sobbing emoji*

WEARING I can't stop wearing my Nike Legendary Tights with everything. They're workout pants that double as leggings. Plus they tuck everything in that needs to be. I've been wearing a lot of workout clothes or something loose since I'm needing to revamp my wardrobe with this weight loss.

WANTING A mentor. And a trip "away from it all" for a little while. I feel a mentor (who is older) is necessary at this moment of my life. Also can I want for Malibu to be less crowded than I see it on the surf watch cams? Because a nice session is what I'd like right about meow.
CONSIDERING living in a van for a bit.

MAKING room for less things. Weird sounding, I know, but I failed miserably at the Minimalism Game last month that I'm giving it another shot. I'm such a magpie that my love for minimalism really doesn't match up. Anyone else have this problem?

EATING I can't stop eating greek yogurt with honey/agave and lemon juice. It's seriously legit.

DRINKING Coffee smoothies with dates and bananas. I said last month that coffee shouldn't count as breakfast, but HAHA! I've found a LOOPHOLE!

WASTING Too much time. Isn't this everyone's problem? Just mine? oh, okay.

ENJOYING This "weather" we're finally having in Southern California. You know how long it's been since I've seen overcast weather!? (too long)

WAITING for the chance to buy my new motorcycle. It's coming up and T-minus 2 months until Babes Ride Out!

PLANNING My next camping trip and when I'll be grabbing my new bike.

FEELING Lonely. Yep, I said it.

KNOWING That my contract with my job is coming to an end. Sort of nervous, but we'll see.

LOVING Anything tropical or palm "vibed" (definitely not a word). I think it's because I'm just yearning for a good vacation. I just want to live in a pastel-colored daydream for awhile with palms as my backdrop.

NEEDING See wanting. Not necessarily do my "wants" and "needs" align as accurately as this month.

ON THE ROAD // Babes Ride Out

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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I can't tell you how excited I am for October to roll around. I registered for the Babes Ride Out weekend a few weeks back as soon as it launched and now I'm just counting down the days. I've already felt a overwhelming sense of community from the ladies attending and tons of love on Instagram. Life unfortunately got busy the past two weeks but I'm checking out a bike this weekend; so I'll have plenty of ride time before Fall. If you haven't registered, I suggest checking out their site and signing up before September 23rd (They had to get the official number of RSVP'd guests for my birthday that day... jokes). See y'all there!

OPINION // I'd Rather Avoid the US Open of Surfing

Monday, August 4, 2014

My own personal Hell. 

Ahhh, another classy year of the US Open of Surfing has come and gone. When I said last year that the US Open is an embarrassment to the industry, I wasn't met with much backlash (mainly because most people agree...this probably should be named "Popular Opinion:") except for one individual that said I was wrong. This was my response:
Thank you for your message, however I hardly believe I am “wrong.” Unfortunately, I don’t see much solid reasoning as to why I am either. 
While I like what the event tries to showcase, that is hardly EVER the case. I was disappointed to hear about the crowds this year since Vans took over the event for the first time and had a chance to turn it around. A friend of mine who has close relationships at Hurley said that a majority of the reason Hurley pulled out this year is because it was too much of a liability. the US Open has become this devouring monster. Every year the US Open crowd wrecks the city of HB and overcrowds the beaches with their low-class acts (so I agree with you there). However, knowing that this happens every year, the event is still POORLY planned. There is the obvious nuisances like bad parking and large crowds, but some of my main issues is staffing and merchandisers. There is never enough security and people preventing these so-called “riots” (laughable) and I’ve heard numerous business owners acknowledging the rise of theft that week. Thousands of people infiltrate the area and you don’t provide enough staffing and security? 
From being a teen before, I know that I didn’t want to pay for anything and I know that is a huge factor of why so many teens come. They want free waterbottles, free concerts, etc because what teen has tons of cash to pay for an event like this? Or really for anything besides a chipotle lunch? But you now run into teens coming wasted, high, having profanities written on their bodies and I would BET MY LIFE 95% of them have no idea who won the finals to this day. Or who even surfed the entire week. Merchandisers bank on these kids to carry their water bottles, carry their cheap bracelets or whatever else for free because hey, it’s shameless marketing. Kids don’t care because it didn’t cost them a dime. 
I also have a problem with the amount of trash that comes into the water after an event like this. It doesn’t just affect the shoreline, it drifts out and affects WAY MORE. Plus who likes paddling out into a sea of Twix wrappers and gatorade bottles? If they don’t have staffing to make sure people aren’t trashing the beach or if they don’t have enough trash receptacles, they are not prepared to handle an event like that. 
Quite simply the beach in HB cannot handle an event like that. If they wanted to continue it, I highly suggest they start charging for the event so people who want to actually enjoy the sport can do so. Staffing would be more adequate, it would have less of a festival atmosphere (I’m going to safely assume a good majority of people heard “free concert with big act” and that’s why they came. Otherwise, they need to move this event to a place where surfing can be appreciated because at HB it’s a shit show every single year. 

Although the Open did do a lot to clean up their act (read: no big shows, stricter alcohol patrol, etc), I still stand by my opinion on the embarrassing nature of the week. I love what the Open represents for these athletes; I just wish the participants would respect the week as much as the surfers participating did. I admit, I didn't personally go this year but I've gotten numerous friends telling me it really hasn't changed much. I don't have a solution to this problem that hits HB every year, but there is a way to do the Open justice and be a productive participant. Here are a couple of quick tips to not be "that person" at the Open (or any festival):

  • Pick up after yourself/don't litter. Your mom isn't cleaning up after you. 
  • Don't write profanities on your body. Damn, Have some respect for yourself. 
  • Don't riot about stupid stuff and don't take what isn't yours. Revolutionize about stuff that matters. 
  • Be responsible with your alcohol intake; bring an actual water bottle (non plastic) to refill and keep yourself hydrated. 
  • If you're going to an event that showcases real talent, like athletics, pay some respect to the athletes and sponsors that actually make your fun time possible and watch the heats (CONGRATS TYLER WRIGHT, BTW! Such a boss). 

Simple isn't it? 

Photo by me from the US Open in 2011

WATCH // Mentawai Islands Surf

Sunday, August 3, 2014

...Reasons to put off buying the new pair of shoes (um, travel money to do things like this).

Mentawai Islands Surf was created by The Bird.