Sunday, September 4, 2016

What I Wore // Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit

Before working at Nike, I wasn't much into sneakers. Mainly because I hated socks. Also, forget matching them... as long as they're approximately the same height, I can wear a kitty-themed one with a black sock. Well the dislike of little foot straight jackets is still there, don't get me wrong, but I've made it more fun by collecting weird ones. 

I think part of the reason why I didn't like wearing sneakers, or why I learned a lot of women don't, is that they're kind hard to style day to day. There's so much that I learned about sneakerhead culture during my time at the company (like, hypebeast-type stuff and style). Nonetheless, Nike Sportswear's Air Max style is a pretty great "gateway" sneaker to that whole world. They range anywhere from the streamlined Ultra Fyknit to the tougher (and IMHO more dad-looking) Air Max 95' . Whatever your taste - there's an Air Max style for it. 

The easiest way I found to style sneakers is to go a more put together sportswear look. A pair of tailored looking/feeling chinos went better with this look and more put together than if it were a jersey type of material. The muscle tank top was just a natural choice -- because, California weather. How would you wear them? 

Friday, August 26, 2016

ON THE ROAD // Motos in Moab

Not going to lie; my self-confidence was shaky when I arrived in Moab. I made it all this way; but I realized I didn't really know anyone except from their Instagram. Luckily my friends Kiki and Jamie pulled up at the same time I pulled into the lot. I think these pictures really speak for themselves -- basically, I'm really glad I went.

Since we started on such an honest note, I'll continue by saying this was definitely a try anything once experience. I had a lot of fun and made a good amount of new friends; but I think I like the smaller motorcycle gatherings I've been too. Babes Ride Out is the main one I went to and maybe it feels smaller (even with 1K+ people) because it's a lot more, um, contained? HA! Motos in Moab was basically seeing how many people can get on a bike at one time and how many things you can set on fire. Essentially it's everything you expect when you mix males, machinery, beer, fire and women (a fun weekend).

Thursday, August 25, 2016

ON THE ROAD // Road to Moab Pt 3

How appropriate that I'm publishing this on the 100th anniversary of the National Park System! Upon waking at Zion, I realized that I really didn't have an extra day to get to Motos in Moab like I intentionally thought. I buzzed my way through Zion and made my way back across the Arizona state line. There was a good portion of the road where my hands were freezing in my leather gloves, the road never-ending and I felt like it would last forever. No gas stations in sight, I was really at the mercy of time and the road.

"So, um, what do you DO when you're riding?" people always ask me.

I'm assuming because it's such a solitary activity; people think you're instantly bored if there isn't music playing or there isn't a soul to talk to. But in reality, you're so present and in tune with what is going on. I remember so much more on this trip than on my previous ones where I was in a car, distracted by music, etc. My thoughts accompanied me on the road, but I never felt extremely alone. This day in Monument Valley and Horseshoe bend was really the first time I felt extremely alone and I fortunately found another (bicycle) adventurer to help pass the time with conversation. I did everything from talk to myself, improvise movie lines, mimic voices, think through my deeper life issues, take in the scenery, stop and talk to my friends and family, etc. My most favorite part of everything was taking in the scenery I would've missed otherwise. Being on a bike requires you to be so present.  You start noticing the little things, like how many people are overwhelmingly taking selfies at horseshoe bend instead of sitting still and taking in a marvel. I can't tell you how many people hiked the one mile in, only to take one hundred selfies and then walk back.

I took my photos, waited for the prime spots and then took the time to look out. I'm not saying that to sound holier-than-thou; but instead to encourage you to do the same. Take a bit of time to conduct a social experiment and see how much you can remember without your phone or camera. For fuck's sake; try writing down everything in detail to paint a visual picture. When you go back to daydream, your vision will be so much clearer. In our culture; it's rude to stare. It's customary to move quickly. I've never been the hare; more of the tortoise. In these times, being slow comes in handy. Being on a motorcycle is anything but a blur -- you're more conscious and willing to slow down than ever.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On The Road // Road to Moab Pt 2

Zion was beyond incredible.

I barely made it into my campsite and lucked out with overflow camping. Lesson learned: book ahead of time. But, in reality, that's not much fun is it? So scratch that, do whatever the hell you want - you're motorcycle camping anyway. Something I highly suggest getting, and will cover more in depth with a later post, is to buy yourself a National Park pass. I went through about four national parks during my 8 days of traveling and each entrance ranged from $25-40. With a national park pass, at $80, I paid it off within the first two visits. Look up all the national parks here if you're game to get one; the pass doesn't apply to state parks and the like so plan accordingly!

There are plenty of really easy hikes around Zion. I unfortunately wasn't able to do the famous Angel's Landing or The Narrows since I would be hiking back in the darkness/chest-high icy water if I did. Luckily there is a shuttle system that gets you around pretty easily and to whichever hike really strikes your fancy. Also, since I did about 500 miles in the bike seat that day, I would rather just walk around and take in the majesty of the rock formations all around me. At dusk, I set up my hammock and read while chatting with a few folks my age. They recognized me from some motorcycle-related Instagram account; which was utterly surreal in itself - but it happened to make us quick friends.

After my one night camping, sleepy and already tired of packing and unpacking every night, I left to exit out the other end of the park. This park was made for riding your bike. Right past the shuttle drop off, there is a escalating winding road to take you through a narrow tunnel. Once through, your whole world seems to open up to even more valleys of giants. It was hard to not want to stop every 100 feet and stare. Luckily the one time I really did, a herd of bighorn sheep made their way out in the distance.  Zion left me wanting more, and I definitely want to make it happen in the near future.

Monday, August 22, 2016

ON THE ROAD // Road to Moab Pt. 1

I did something that people called brave, amazing and some said a little silly. I took a solo motorcycle trip to Moab, Utah for the Motos in Moab campout that happened May 27-30th. It took every ounce of courage I had not to bail. I almost called my manager the night before to say, "nah, I'm actually going to be in at 9AM tomorrow, forget the whole thing." This was the first "real" trip I was taking solo.

I'm glad I didn't chicken out.

I avoided taking the 10 westbound from my Westside apartment, still sort of afraid of the morning commute traffic. You know the reputation of Los Angeles drivers... they're nuts (it's not a joke). My two wheels took me all the way down Venice Blvd to the 10 on-ramp by the Fabric District. I'm on a curb telling me self, just go! My impatient inner monologue is more clutching the sides of its face, screaming "JUSTTTTTGOOOOOOOOOALREADY!" I was ready in first gear and onward I revved, not knowing what I was really anticipating on the road. As soon as I hit the freeway, I knew I was making the right decision. The right decision for my heart, soul and mind. This was the most important thing I've done for myself since I moved to California six years ago.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

WHAT I WORE // Topanga Canyon Ride

I've been riding up in Topanga and Malibu canyons a lot recently. For one, I wish I could live there... and two, its the easiest access to winding and curvy roads you can get to without going out on an abominable highway like the 405.  When my fellow lady rider, Genevieve, asked me to stand in for some shots on my bike; I didn't hesitate. Her work is awesome and when it comes to positive people? She's in the top five, easy. We went up to Topanga Canyon Rd and shot during the beautiful golden hour. A lot of honking and hollers were involved from passing cars (and motorcycles) and being the really cool person that I am, pretended to shoot cowboy guns into the air and did a little jig from time to time in response *shrug emoji*.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

WHAT I WORE // The Getty Center

If you haven't been to the Getty Center in Los Angeles, I suggest you close your screen and go there immediately. It's free and parking is only $15.

Oh, you're back. Wasn't that awesome? Tres picturesque, no? It's such a cultural hub in the city with beautiful exhibits, gardens and views of both the ocean and the city around us (on those smog-free days). My friend and I went to see the new Mapplethorpe exhibit that opened earlier in the month and to attend a short story reading. I personally loved learning more about Robert Mapplethorpe; I did know a bit about him from studying photographers and then reading a bit about him in Patti Smith's "Just Kids" a few years back. He was so sensitive, yet so blunt and controversial. People like that fascinate me and he makes me want to understand light, symmetry and to just be a bit more risky in my artistic endeavors (probably not to his extent though... ha!).

Monday, October 5, 2015

WHAT I WORE // Sequin Dream

My friend and I went to the Santa Monica Pier to take some photos and catch up. Despite the Southern California temperatures cooling down, and the holiday season starting, the foot traffic has refused to let up on the West Coast. We've been having an unusually warm summer/fall this year so it doesn't surprise me that people are still coming in hordes. I can't really talk though. I'm only a local because I've been here for five years from my Ohio move, but I'm still starting to get that grumpy "go home" mentality when the tourism doesn't drop off. Well either way, I got this skirt hanging in my closet and it was pretty much the perfect piece to get illuminated by all the pier lights!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

WHAT I WORE // Weekend Tacos Date

Taco date as in dinner with a friend. Not to be confused with going on a date with a taco; although you shouldn't put it past me. Add a margarita and the entire two seasons of Silicon Valley and that sounds like my kind of night. Dinner for one? Mexican food is probably 99.8% of the reason I moved to Southern California. The cuisine here is unbeatable for obvious reasons. I overindulge in cheese, which is terrible for my lactose-intolerance. So, it made total sense that I ordered two dump-truck sized cheese enchiladas for just myself this past weekend. That all being said, wear comfortable clothes when you're planning on eating a meal big enough for a family of six.

Monday, June 1, 2015

BEAUTY & STYLE // Daily Make-Up Routine

My routine isn't anything special, most of it comes from a drugstore, but despite that I love make-up. On a daily basis I wear a few products, in pretty neutral colors. Most of my decision comes from the fact I never know when I'll be sweating or in the water at any given point in the day. But give me bronzer, a glow, glossed lip etc. and I'll be happy! Special occasions or a decision to grab a drink in public will sometimes give me an excuse to swipe on eyeliner and a color shadow/lipstick. Ha!