Thursday, July 24, 2014

EVENT // Cotton On Blogger Event

Hey friends, I've posted this on social already but just a reminder that I'll be hosting tonight's Blogger Event with two other lovely individuals. We'll be showcasing our favorite pieces from Cotton On's new collection and styling you for the fall. Hit up the Third Street Promenade at 6:30PM and stop on by to chat and check out the store. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

OUTFIT // I'd Rather Be Driving My '40 Ford!

I don't have many weaknesses besides vintage tees and curated magazines. Well, maybe Blossom's vegetarian pho... a really good cheese... a really good-looking dude... a sick pair of dunks... okay, I fall for a lot.

The day was surprisingly overcast on Saturday and my bud, Josh, and I decided to explore a bit of DTLA and Silverlake. Chucks are perfect for walking around and I nabbed this jersey, draped skirt from CottonOn this past week - honestly one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now. The draping makes it look fancy but you can throw on an old tee and feel right at home. Speaking of CottonOn, if you're in the LA area I will be helping host a blogger event in the Third Street Promenade store on July 24th! Come by for some laid-back back-to-school outfit picks from me and for some fun. More info to come, watch for my flyer on Instagram.

Faux-leather jacket: Zara (Similar)
Vintage Ford T-shirt: Ebay (Similar)
Jersey Skirt: c/o CottonOn
Shoes: Chuck Taylor Classic

Photos by Josh LeGuern

Saturday, July 19, 2014

REAL TALK // Shine On, You Crazy Diamond.

What do you do in situations where you just don't feel the love? Nothing (well, besides maybe write a blog post). 

Ha, but in all honestly: I’ve learned in years past that no amount of peace offerings (or plain ignoring) can help a person overcome their demons/negativity/bad vibes. You just need to keep doing you. Pursuing your own happiness and what is positive in your life in the current moment is all you can focus on right now; or else anything slightly bad will distract you. People will try to hurt you by hazing you, by slander and by silly comments. But only you know the truth of your actions, intentions and dreams. Don't give up because someone is trying to tear you down. Their hounding only means something is askew in their own life.

You’re a diamond, babe. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Monday, July 14, 2014

REAL TALK // "Surf Thinspo" is Glorified Thinspo

I was looking at my blogger stats the other day and I stumbled across something that made me incredibly sad. Someone found DAVY using the search term "surf thinspo" (aka "fitspo"), and my blog came up due to a Last Link post I did a few months ago.

I've written about my eating disorders - long story short, from age 20-22, I was bulimic and I freaked out about EVERYTHING I ate. I literally would have anxiety and depression attacks because of my meals; I hated my body so much. I am not proud of these seasons of my life; it's not a badge of honor, but it's reality and I understand the struggle. I searched both thinspo and fitspo to see what came up. With websites like Pinterest and Tumblr it's easy for girls to find and immerse themselves in what is considered an "ideal" body. Even after looking through a few boards on Pinterest, I found myself feeling a little uneasy about the World Cup celebratory weekend I had earlier (beer, mimosas AND sangria anyone?). Below is just a sample of what I found on Pinterest. Rail-thin girls (not in a us vs. them way), celebrities holding coffee and beach babes WITHOUT surfboards (wtf?), etc. Something's wrong here. 

I just want to say that this blog is a lifestyle and surfing blog. You won't see me posting photos saying I wish I looked like so and so and that I want to be that thin. You can't compare someone else to yourself. You just can't. Ugh, you know how much my mood goes down when I go on Instagram and see girls tagging each other saying "this summer! I'll look like this! I wish I looked like this!" and just commenting over and over and over about this "perfect" person on some swimsuit or fitness account? I've been there and it sucks. It sucks big ones. You have so much more worth than worrying over how much/little you ate or how you look next to this app-filtered person.

I'd rather not feed the monster, because insecurity and stealing joy is the only thing it has appetite for. Fitspo/Surfing thinspo is nothing but glorified thinspo. It shows girls doing something kick ass while being in a "dream" body... and believe me, some (not all) of these girls are just holding the board - don't let them fool you into thinking they're ripping. Like anything else in the world, you can't believe everything you see/hear. If you haven't noticed, anything social is a curated version of someone's life. I'm sure as hell NOT going to post photo with a giant zit or where my stomach looks like a can of biscuits just popped open.

I've used fitspo before and honestly, it didn't really help... a (read: many) good old fashioned sweat session did. Above is a photo of me taken a few days ago that I shared on Facebook. My first instinct was to automatically pick out my flaws right away before anyone else could; but in all honesty I'm super proud of the changes my body has been making. I'm actually happy looking into the mirror. I've been running and working really hard; losing almost 30 pounds since this past January. Yea, I admire people with fit bodies but I can't compare myself to people that aren't my body type because I'm just going to set myself up for disappointment. Please do yourself a favor and delete your fitness inspiration board and pick up a weight. Or unfollow any account/person that makes you feel bad about your body because, Lord, life is too short.

Point is we all wish we could be there. I wish that every time a bathing suit company reaches out to me to try their bikinis. Or when a modeling client wants me to pose in lingerie. If only my right inner thigh didn't have this weird bumpy curve. If only my party pouch (aka beer belly) would be flat. if only, if only, if only... We all have insecurities but please, if you really want surfing fitspo, look in the mirror. If you're already getting up, paddling out and riding in, you're doing more than most. Just like learning to surf, having an athlete's body is NOT easy. Once you start seeing that change in your body because of hard work and not wishful thinking, it's going to feel better than looking at any fitness mood board... trust.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

BREWS N' BOOZE // The Pickle Back

I'm gonna open up your world right about now.

One: I'm introducing a new section over beer/cocktails... because I love it and it's a delicate balance between working out and libations that I find to be an enjoyable challenge (aka I run/workout so I can eat/drink what I want).

Two: a few months back, Matt introduced me to the wonderful world of the Pickle Back at The Memphis in Costa Mesa. We were about to see Saintseneca at the Observatory and The Memphis place was the perfect setting to get us ready for the show. It's about the easiest drink you can make (and kind-of makes you look like a hard ass). In its purest and most simple form, this 'cocktail' is a shot of whiskey with equal part pickle brine.

Yuck, right? You couldn't be more wrong, amigo.

Whiskey & Pickle Back Recipe:
So read, two ingredients:

  • Pickle brine of your preference 
  • Whiskey of your preference

Bars tend to go the Jameson route, but honestly it's up to your choosing. I tried Bulleit Rye with this and... eh, not bad. Buffalo Trace, however, was really delicious with this. Regardless of the whiskey you choose (literally, half the fun), I believe the magic is really in the brine. The best Pickle Back I've had so far had a spicy kick to it. Experiment with the brine and maybe create your own, since the brine that comes in jars can be downright lackluster. The only jar I've found to be comparable to preserved unicorn tears is Trader Joe's kosher dill brine. Save that shit! It's liquid gold! What is so fun about this drink is that you get the warm/burning feeling of a whiskey; only to wash it down with a cleansing drink.

This drink is no doubt questionable to the newb... but trust me, you won't regret it.

Some great places in Southern California to get a pickle back:
Escondite - 410 Boyd St Los Angeles, CA 90013
Villain's Tavern - 1356 Palmetto St Los Angeles, CA 90013
Memphis Cafe - 2920 Bristol St Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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