Saturday, April 25, 2015

WHAT I WORE // Distress & Denim

Denim is the be-all, end-all fabric of choice for my life. I have yet to discover a more versatile fabric than good, blue-collar denim. I picked up this Vintage Levi's men's jacket for $20 on ebay. Paypal makes shopping dangerous, amirite? Waxed black jeans are a staple in my closet. Dressed up or down, you can wear them anywhere. Right now they kind of reek like campfire, which personally is A-OK with me. Not so much for others' noses. I actually found out the brand is owned by a family I know! Small world, that Los Angeles crowd...

I would wear this outfit for short rides (like the 2-3 miles to work) on my Honda CB550F Super Sport. Which, is really make her debut this post. I got her a few months back and I'm stoked on her managable size. I wanted to get a CB750, but that is a beast of a motorcycle. The 550s are much more agile and I loved the root beer color. She needs some work currently; but that will come in a future post series (get stoked, nerds). I'm excited to get my hands laden with oil, rust and dirt.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

ON THE ROAD // South Bay Sailing

When someone invites you onto their sailboat for a sunset ride, the answer is yes. Always, yes. My new friend, River Jordan, took my coworker and I out on a cruise around the South Bay. I've never sailed before (besides in a dinky Hobie), so seeing this massive boat, River & his pops working together and how much effort goes into it, I have a new found respect for the art of sailing. And a crazy smile on my face I couldn't take off. I've been feeling a renewed sense of wonder and adventure lately. Anyone else in the same (should I say it?) boat?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 2015 Jukebox

I have about 30-plus soundbites of tasty awesomeness headed to your buds right about now. Spring is here, but I realize some of us still have a bit of winter somewhere. This hour and forty-five minute playlist is a bouncy balance between the two. Here are a few of my favorite tracks this month:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

CURRENTLY // February 2015

Month two of the year is already more than halfway through. Are you keeping up with those resolutions you swore THISYEARWASTHEYEAR you were going to keep? My resolutions always fall by the wayside, mainly because I'm rather dramatic and hard on myself. I think taking smaller, more attainable goals is the way to go anyway. Here's the deal on me behind-the-scenes currently:

READING The Crying of Lot 49. I recently met an avid reader (I love those people) and he recommended I pick up a book by his favorite author, Thomas Pynchon. The first few chapters were hard to get through, but I'm liking it more now that I got the characters down and the basic premise. Can't be all that bad if TIME magazine included the novel in its "TIME 100 Best English-language Novels from 1923 to 2005".

WRITING Not much - although I've been feeling the urge to get back into poetry and creative writing. I feel like much of my writing has become more elementary or primitive. It's always important to exercise something so important (like language).

LISTENING Besides the shameless plug for all the songs on my February 2015 Jukebox, I pretty much have listened to Vance Joy's album multiple times during the week. There is no bad, skippable song on that record.

THINKING I need to start my spring cleaning soon. Also, I went vintage shopping with a married couple a few weekends back and we looked at some vintage diamond engagement rings (along with me oogling squash blossoms and giant turquoise rings). I definitely would love to do that with my future spouse when my "time" comes, whenever that is... I've been thinking about the feeling that was there when I tried one of them on and it was foreign. I couldn't fathom having a piece of jewelry like that because someone wanted to commit to me for life... yet.

SMELLING coffee, always coffee.

WISHING That a garage with the right tools will pop up so I can just work on my bike without worry!

HOPING For a few calls to come through.

WEARING A black motorhead cut off tee I found at a thrift shop in ventura, Cottonon ankle biter jeans, thrifted black boots from seattle, leopard socks, thrifted belt and thrifted army jacket with some Explorer's Press pins. Phew.

WANTING A sense of direction. Whenever I feel like I have one, I get discouraged or distracted. 
CONSIDERING looking into what it takes to own a home. Looking at a few areas around DTLA.

MAKING steps to make this blog more active. I like that people visit and give me feedback!

EATING lots of raw food again, I've missed feeling light and energized.

DRINKING apple cider vinegar and hot water. This helps jumpstart me in the morning.

WASTING lots of time watching TV shows on DVR. I like it though in the sense that I skip commercials. Win!

ENJOYING getting to know new people. Also, having a budget! It makes me realize that there is a finite amount of money and I need to be responsible with it.

WAITING for hikes and moments to be outdoors.

PLANNING my Yosemite trip! It's coming up fast. Also, planning a trip to Poland soon since my Grandma isn't doing so hot lately. I haven't seen her since 2010 so it's time for another trip.

FEELING A bit overwhelmed. I go to bed stressed (you'll see why next entry). Anyone else feel okay during the day and then during those last waking moments, before sleep, your brain starts freaking out with what you have to do? What opportunities you've missed? What you could be doing more of?

KNOWING My sister and mother are coming to visit in the next few weeks. I am so excited to get their cute butts over to the west coast and out of the cold Minnesota and Ohio weather.

LOVING How understanding people are in my life (in certain areas). I need to give myself more credit and I also need to speak up when I'm not feeling too hot.

NEEDING Another Joshua Tree-esque trip.

Friday, February 13, 2015


First jukebox of the year, guys! And on Friday, the 13th (hope your dates tomorrow aren't terrifying). I'm the type of person that can listen to a playlist over and over again. I'm sure these songs, with their lyrics, will be plenty to listen to and digest. A few of my favorites on here, no doubt to be new ones of yours:

"First Time" - Vance Joy
This makes me want to fall in love and be 17 again. I think I felt something that was close to love (if not it) around that age. No, to this day I have never been "in love" with someone; but I imagine it feels like this song.

"Los Angeles" - Mat Kearney
Dear word, Mat... tug on my heartstrings, why won't you? This song reminds me of everything I love about Los Angeles. The hope, dreams and dedication in all the people. You feel like you can do something here. It makes me want to quit my job and run away towards my dreams before it's too late.

"Lament" - Mount Moriah
This is the ultimate exhausted/broken-heart/tired-of-your-shit/middle-finger song. I mean with  lyrics like, "A mouthful of bees / Couldn't stop me / From whispering, / I don't know you," you can bet that the singer has been scorned. Don't get on her bad side; pretty sure any chance this person had is gone.

"Family and Genus" - Shakey Graves
I might love Shakey Graves even more after seeing him live this past November. He put on a long show, way longer than anyone expected, and had the personality of a rockstar the entire way through. No complaining, just pure joy through the beads of sweat. I love performers like that. Plus, the dude came out and hung out afterwards with the leftover crowd. Best 25 bones I've spent in a long time.


Which songs were your favorites?