Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Click - Kassia Meador, Justice Served, & Choosing the Right Beer (or else you'll have no friends)

Artwork by Troy Carney
"Second, you need real experience. Do as much as you can. Do shit that other people would consider “weird” or “dumb” like getting a cheap weave, disguising your gender, changing jobs frequently, getting fired, traveling through the Sahel by yourself on a motorbike, drinking in the morning, growing your nails two inches long, majoring in mortuary science, and/or taking the last bus of the day to the end of the line in the suburbs with no way to get back home. People will treat you differently if you’re hanging around an empty transit shelter at night on the edge of a cornfield, especially if they also can’t determine your gender. All of this will afford you new perspectives and will infuse your writing with empathy." - Thought Catalog on 'How to Swim and Write,'

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Will Never be Model Stick Thin -- & I REJOICE!

Artwork by Lament Art

I've always been the tall one. Big-boned (Thanks, Mother Nature), Thick. Imagine a six foot tall 13-year-old. Yeah, that was the age I finally stopped my growth spurt. You probably think I was super awesome and popular right? Uh, sure in my dreams.

If you don't know already, I am six feet tall. My calves are thick and muscular from 13 years of horseback riding. My thighs thick from my love of cheese. All around just in-yo-face height and woman.

If you're reading this blog, you're close to my personality. We could probably be really good friends. That being said, you would probably agree with me that an athletic looking body is perhaps, eh, a little more attractive than a sack o' bones? If you're reading this blog, I'm assuming you're into fitness and making yourself a better surfer. You're also, uh, a female and you don't mind showing others you are in fact a girl.

Aren't you wanting to do whatever it takes to make yourself succeed at the sport that makes you so happy? Then you have not choice but to take care of yourself! To the girls who are on the thin side naturally, lucky you. But to the rest (majority?) of ladies... we have to work a little harder to maintain a good healthy look.

Now some of you might actually be scrunching up your nose and thinking, "Ugh, muscle? Women look so WEIRD with actual biceps! Sick! They look like men!" Okay, seriously, throw out that mentality because it's honestly for the birds. I'm not talking about the Olympian sized women. There is no physical way you, A LADY, can bulk up that much as a woman without taking a little something called TESTOSTERONE. or STEROIDS. Glad, we cleared that up. The women that grace REAL fitness magazine like my fave, Oxygen, have their bodies because of hard work, clean eating, and just plain determination. There was one woman in the ads I decided to look up because she said she discovered surfing in her 30's and wanted to become better at it. So she joined a gym and cut out all the crap from her diet. Does she look like a runway model now? No! But she looks fit, healthy, and happy. And from what I've read, she can actually rip now. I'd rather have that than be skinny fat any day.

This is one of the concentrations I want to see in DAVY's posts. Clean eating, healthy recipes, self love, and perserverance in fitness. Fitness and health is natural. Processed junk and calories and thru-window meals are not. Last year, the first three months I was part of a gym and wrote down EVERYTHING I ate. Even the cheating I wrote down because the only person I have to keep accountable is myself. My body knew what went inside even if I did not want to admit it. Through going to the gym, healthy eating, & determination I lost 20 POUNDS.


Anything is possible if I am able to get myself to do it. A lot of body confidence issues comes from wanting approval from other people, no matter how much you tell yourself otherwise. I used to have an eating disorder and while a lot of the times it was because I over ate and was clinically depressed, I also longed to look like the girls the guys were fawning over and like the ones the catalogues were sending me. It was such an unhealthy relationship with food. My relationship with my diet has been more turbulent than any human relationship I've ever had. I still look at pictures of thin girls and the little green-eyed monster starts scuttling out. But instead of beating myself up, I put on my headphones and take a walk. Or I take my board and get out into the water. Or I run the stairs. BECAUSE SITTING ON YOUR ASS DOES NOT DO ANYTHING BENEFICIAL FOR YOU. Become enemies with your chair and try to stay away from it as much as possible! A lot of ladies look at these photos and wish, hope, and dream and not do anything to promote a beautiful body.

We've all wished we were there at some point in our life. Whether we are looking back at our "younger days" when we fit into a size 00 jean size (HA), looking at a Vogue issue, or trying on a new pair of jeans in the TJ MAXX dressing room (can I get an AMEN?) I've wished for my thighs to be just a tad smaller so I could fit into skinny jeans. I've wished for many different things for my body. I sometimes still dislike my height (damn you, standard jean sizes!!) but I know that a lot of people wish they were my height. How do I know? Well, they tell me. My height made me an incredible asset to my rowing team in college, I don't need help reaching things, I can clear a path in a crowd like Moses, and when I wear nude-colored sexy minx heels... my legs. go. for. miles. Can I get a 'Holla!' from all my tall ladies?!

Strength is so much better than just looking like I need help lifting everything. I can take care of my own damn self. I've accepted the fact that even though I am tall, my body was just not built to be rail thin. It was built to be able to handle whatever comes it's way and all the crap I try to push it through. It was built to benefit from a run, all day paddling, pushing through a bicycle ride. I am a Glamazon, a beautiful woman that turns heads because of how I already look and not how I wish to be. I turn heads with my personality, my demeanor, and my aura. And that already feels better than skinny (fat) would ever would.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Replacing Fear -- You Choose.

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I am such a victim of fear. Fear has prevented me from accomplishing a lot of things that I always thought I was meant to do. I read an article over at The Middle Finger Project that made me think (whoa, wait--think!? Nathalie, don't be ridiculous!).

Fear is such bullshit in the long run.

Fear gets your really thinking in the sense of "whoa, I didn't know I could potentially fail/let people down/let myself down if I do x, y, or z," Amy Ambridge says that you just have to take the sharpest knife you can find in your fanny pack of a life tool belt (well, mine is a fanny pack) and slice through the bullshit and insecurities of your life like Lost's Sayid with a mothereffin' machete.  Okay, I added the fanny pack and 'Lost' reference -- I apologize... I've been watching a lot of 'Lost' lately. Kind of fitting though, as a lot of the characters act out of fear on that program. Either way, fear prevents you from the very things that you were created to do.
"That’s all that we can do. So, Be confident in your quest. Be arrogant when it comes to your desires. And be downright defiant when it comes to adversity. There is no other way." - Amy Ambridge, The Middle Finger Project.
Have you ever given into that gnawing little feeling saying, "go paint, go surf, go take an outfit post, go help at a shelter, go sell your novel, etc." and it just. felt. so. right.

Don't you want that feeling all the time? 

That my friends is something called truth. The truth in your life finally unearthing itself and making itself evident. I'm doubtful a lot of the surfers and artists that I look up to did not give into that gnawing. What would of happened if they lived in their fear of failure? Of disappointing others? Of disappointing themselves? Well, surprise, if they did hold back they would disappoint themselves either way. Hello! If you fall flat on your ass, at least you can say you frickin' tried. How come we know SO MUCH ABOUT LIFE SUCCESS YET WE DO NOT DO IT? Ambridge says take that silver lining after you've cut it out and RUN WITH IT. Run with that love and passion away from fear and make it your truth! Get off your island of "if only," and just frickin' set sail.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Kind of Loves: Running, Quinoa, & First-Time Surfs

Photo by Laurasici
It's been awhile since I posted what I've been grateful for. What is funny is that I've realized I became a lot more stressed. Life was a little hectic and when it wasn't, I found myself becoming lazy. No more I say! Here are some awesome things this week:

• Discovering, get this... are you ready? I actually like to run. I'm horrible at running but I really like it. • deleting Facebook (it's been 14 days! I'm still alive!) • flirting • getting a nice glow • taking friends surfing for their first time ever • nights out dancing • Quinoa • Finding amazing leather luggage at Goodwill for $30 • Surf contests • Friends visiting • The Venice canals • Almost being completely through 'LOST' • Drawing nights • the sun setting over the beach • new filofax inserts! • getting my Oxygen subscription in the mail and becoming totally more motivated! • Watching other women surfers and seeing how graceful they can be compared to guys (sorry dudes) • Alta coffee house in Newport Beach & their amazing service • My dad winning a medal in the Senior Olympics! GO DAD! • 

What did you love this week?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro

Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro - San Clemente, CA - All photos by me