Monday, August 29, 2011

Flying by the Seat of my (Velvet) Pants - What I Wore

Despite what you're thinking -- there is actually nothing interesting up there.

Ohio is turning out to be a great trip home. I won't lie I am STOKED to be back in California starting Wednesday night but I'm definitely not complaining about my laid-back vacation with my parents. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to Chicago (sad panda) so I had to make do with my time here. I am always like that on trips. For the most part I will plan the big things but after that I usually just fly by the seat of my pants and go with the flow. Usually I find something new to do or see that way! Speaking of new things, I did something out of my usual routine and that was cabrewing with some friends up in Columbus. Cabrewing is basically canoeing with a bunch of beer (brewskis?) in a cooler and floating down a river. Yes, it really is as cool/fun/redneck as it sounds.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Cabrew or Two - Ohio Shenanigans

Saturday, I took my Polaroid Land Camera 210 on a canoe trip with a few friends. What was I thinking taking such a little relic on a trip where I would encounter multitudes of rednecks, RV campers, & water guns? I don't know --obviously I wasn't thinking clearly at the time. But I will admit, the pictures I got were definitely worth a little risk!

more photos after the jump... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet Canary Yellow - Home Sweet Home!

Purse obsession. Tis' so cute!
WOOO-WEEEE Ohio! You are quite the humid state! I recently surprised my momma with me visiting her at our house in Dayton. We are quite the shopping kind -- well the thrifting kind -- so it was only appropriate that we go to our little spot in Dayton to pick up (quite a) few things. My outfit consisted of all thrifted gear (minus my undies and shoes!). Pretty stoked that I can put together simple outfits like this, even if it isn't quite me... I mean, it is, in the thrifting sense... But with a little alteration and stitching, I can make it more of my personality -- which, I believe, is not as casual as this!
Yellow Blouse - $2
Levis high rise denim (cut into cutoffs) - $2
Crocodile print faux leather purse - $2
Multi-colored woven men's belt - $1
Strickly Boarding Wave Necklace - gifted
Yellow studded sandals - $3
All totaling $10! Damn! I bought a few more things (which I will post over the following days) but I think I'm gonna scour the niches of Ohio to see if I can find anything else to snatch up! I think my two favorite purchases of the day were my little brown crocodile purse (faux, duh) and some kick-ass tan/creme work boots (yeah, light colored work boots, I know!) for a total of $5 --and more of a tough look (which I prefer). Amazing.

My ombre hair is coming in nicely.
I've loved the ombre hair color ever since right before it came out to the mainstream (I know, I'm so cool). It was on drew Barrymore and I was just like... BUG-EYED at how amazing her hair was. I dyed the ends of my hair platinum (I got way more than the ends, obviously) and now I'm definitely contemplating on dying the roots a nice rich brown.

Denim cut-offs (still working on them) & my super sweet grandpa belt.
So I'm totally stoked for this week in good old Ohio -- I forgot there were mosquitos here! Oh goodness, I got my first bite of the entire summer. California just doesn't have those buggers (Phew, cause I'm like a magnet). Here's to prayin' I don't scratch too much! This week is filled with more thrifting, exploring Hocking Hills, cabrewing, bridal showers, and even a Chicago trip to see my sister (!!!) and Casey (!!! again). I am so excited I think I peed a little.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Click -- Beards, Buns, & Lady Gaga Surfing (Really).

Chuga-chuga-chuga it's almost the weekend! Here are some time wasters to sift through during those last few hours of the workday...

This project began from the theory that humans are made of cosmic matter as a result of a stars death. I created imagery that showcased this cosmic birth through the use of dust and reflective confetti to create galaxies. The models organic bodily expressions as they are frozen in time between the particles suggest their celestial creation. In addition, space and time is heightened by the use of three-dimensional animated gifs. Their movement serves as a visual metaphor to the spatial link we share with stars as well as their separateness through time.
  • Henry Rollins on selling out in the music industry. YOU TELL 'EM HENRY!  

    Going Native -- New Kicks!

    my new native shoes -- Jefferson style in pigeon grey

    Boardworld Girls has been giving me the hook-up (yo!). At the US open of Surfing I was walking around the madly lined streets of people when I got a twitter response to check out the Native Shoes truck on Main and to talk to Jason--He'd hook me up! The Native Shoes truck is hard to miss with its bright colors and curvy characters painted all over its ice cream truck exterior. The inner linings of the truck had signatures from all sorts of celebrities and musicians -- evidently this truck gets around. 

    What cool packaging! From the inside doodles all the way to the cool tags!
    Waiting to be worn (left) and the awesome eco-friendly box they came in! (right) 
    hipstamatic Native Shoes!
    Not only are Native shoes streamlined and minimal, but they were also born in Vancouver, BC (Hell yeah -- Canada!) What I love about this product is that it's light, cute, and most of all eco-conscious. I mean what surfer (and dare I say, Nature love-ah) doesn't consider "greenness" when making purchases! The shoes are made from EVA, which is better in manufacturing because the process gives very little in emissions. If you're an animal lover like I am -- you'll love that the tag also says "Beast-Free" (the little pink tag) because the process doesn't include any sort of animal bi-products! I'm also a hater of socks and that fact that most closed-toe shoes require them. But these, since they are airy, mold to your feet and the EVA material actually DETERS odor. Magnifique! Anyone else worn Native Shoes before? I'm pretty stoked on these puppies!

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Mad for Plaid -- Scavenging Pays Off

    my favorite find of the day -- a men's flannel for mega cheap!
    After a yummy breakfast in bed, I decided this past Tuesday to venture out and find some actual LEGIT thrift stores in Los Angeles. I mean, everyone talks about finding crazy cool stuff in thrift stores in LA so I want to know what all the fuss is about (because up to this point I haven't really been all that impressed). I only strayed about a ten mile radius from my house and hit up about three different stores. First one not too impressed but did buy an American flag for a photoshoot and a very cool southwestern inspired dress with lots-o-fringe around the cowl neck and hemline. Score! 

    Anyway, my last stop I found an awesome Salvation Army with lots of plaid shirts. I'm a sucker for anything lumberjack-esque. Maybe I'm not your typical fashion/style blogger. I like things that are fancy and in-your-face intimidating avant garde and then I like the kind of stuff that I can take camping with me. I'm a lover of both worlds. This men's flannel was one of the items I can see in the woods with me -- and for $4 you can't beat it! 

    Anyone call a lumberjack? 
    I'm also wearing my Jeffrey Campbell 'Zipped' Boots, black opaque tights, cut off denim shorts, and a silver necklace given to me by my friend. This shirt is versatile and warm. I love the simple things in life! ^_^

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Why Don't You Wednesday - Get Outside & Healthy Edish!

    poster by Best Made Co. 

    • Look up hiking trails around your area and find a new place to explore. 
    • Slash your salt intake (which causes BLOATING) and use spices instead. 
    • Do a few Sun Salutations before getting ready for the day. 
    • Get more fiber into your diet (which means a trimmer you) by doing things like adding black beans to your morning eggs, keeping the skin on your apple, tossing some nuts and seeds into your lunch salad.
    • Create a rewards plan to keep yourself motivated through weight-loss journeys. Like at 170lbs I'll buy myself new running shoes... at 160 I'll buy a new outfit... at 150 a beach vacation... and so forth!
    • Drink tea instead of soda. That should be a no brainer. 
    • Make a new cardio playlist filled with upbeat and motivating songs to get you through your workout.
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    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Just Good Things - Brett Dennen, Fish Tacos, & New Explorations

    photo by me
    This week was quite simple... just the way I like it.

    • Morning errands with friends • finding new places to explore • Duke's Fish tacos... yum! • Personal days • Brett Dennen's Loverboy CD and it's pure funkiness • tea in the mornings • conversations with motivating people • making plans • feeling sore after a workout • making a habit of surfing everyday • finding new wine bars • bicycle rides through Venice • Gala Darling's wedding pictures! Congratulations on your marriage! • this clutch/bag/must have from 5 inch and up makes me covet so badly! Good thing? Maybe. • Getting more projects in • deciding on living room paint color (mint!) • 

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    Last Click - 08.12.2011

    Some of this week's finds on the Interwebs...

    What about you? Any interesting finds on this massive space of Internet? 

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    US Open of Surf

    As I was wandering around the US Open of Surfing this past weekend, documenting things for BoardWorld Girls, I managed to snap some polaroids of my surroundings! I wish I took some more but I actually got a new package of Fujifilm FP-3000B (black and white instant film) in the mail today so I will be snapping my Surfer's project soon again. It's just so hard to go to the beach to shoot other surfers when you want to be out there yourself! But any who, stay tuned for some US Open coverage and a good look at my new shoes from Native Shoes!