Tuesday, November 12, 2013

IN REVIEW // Rose Bowl Flea Market, Morning Surf Checks & The PNW

Okay, I'm glad I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market by myself and I'm mad. Glad because anyone that went with me would of been so confused as to how I could spend FOUR hours perusing each aisle of vendors. Mad because I had no one to talk sense into me that I didn't need another plaid shirt (but hey! it was five dollars!). But C'est la Vie, I am so happy with my purchases. Scratch that, ECSTATIC since I found the most perfect hat that I've been trying to find for months... and for $15! Can't beat it. 

This week also consisted of beautiful sunsets and sun rises. I visited the Pacific Northwest last weekend and, despite the DOWNPOUR, I got to see a good amount of greenery and beautiful lakesides. I actually saw more starfish and jellyfish than I've ever seen in California...  go figure. Two days ago, my friend and I went to go check the surf at Malibu and County Line. Malibu was flat and extremely cold while County Line had a few fun little rollers. 

I'm also still running. I got this fancy new Nike+ watch that I'm allowed to only keep under certain conditions. I have to run 10-12 miles a week for the next two weeks or else my co-worker is going to take it back. Well that's definitely motivation. 

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  1. Those sunset/sunrise shots are stunning. I feel ya on the Rosebowl, always good to have a partner in crime for those sort of trips!

    1. Sarah,

      Thanks for finding my blog :) Thank you for the kind words! Do you go to the RBFM often?


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