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BREWS N' BOOZE // The Pickle Back

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I'm gonna open up your world right about now.

One: I'm introducing a new section over beer/cocktails... because I love it and it's a delicate balance between working out and libations that I find to be an enjoyable challenge (aka I run/workout so I can eat/drink what I want).

Two: a few months back, Matt introduced me to the wonderful world of the Pickle Back at The Memphis in Costa Mesa. We were about to see Saintseneca at the Observatory and The Memphis place was the perfect setting to get us ready for the show. It's about the easiest drink you can make (and kind-of makes you look like a hard ass). In its purest and most simple form, this 'cocktail' is a shot of whiskey with equal part pickle brine.

Yuck, right? You couldn't be more wrong, amigo.

Whiskey & Pickle Back Recipe:
So read, two ingredients:

  • Pickle brine of your preference 
  • Whiskey of your preference

Bars tend to go the Jameson route, but honestly it's up to your choosing. I tried Bulleit Rye with this and... eh, not bad. Buffalo Trace, however, was really delicious with this. Regardless of the whiskey you choose (literally, half the fun), I believe the magic is really in the brine. The best Pickle Back I've had so far had a spicy kick to it. Experiment with the brine and maybe create your own, since the brine that comes in jars can be downright lackluster. The only jar I've found to be comparable to preserved unicorn tears is Trader Joe's kosher dill brine. Save that shit! It's liquid gold! What is so fun about this drink is that you get the warm/burning feeling of a whiskey; only to wash it down with a cleansing drink.

This drink is no doubt questionable to the newb... but trust me, you won't regret it.

Some great places in Southern California to get a pickle back:
Escondite - 410 Boyd St Los Angeles, CA 90013
Villain's Tavern - 1356 Palmetto St Los Angeles, CA 90013
Memphis Cafe - 2920 Bristol St Costa Mesa, CA 92626
BREWS N' BOOZE // The Pickle Back BREWS N' BOOZE // The Pickle Back Reviewed by Nathalie Kossek on Sunday, July 06, 2014 Rating: 5

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