Friday, February 13, 2015

First jukebox of the year, guys! And on Friday, the 13th (hope your dates tomorrow aren't terrifying). I'm the type of person that can listen to a playlist over and over again. I'm sure these songs, with their lyrics, will be plenty to listen to and digest. A few of my favorites on here, no doubt to be new ones of yours:

"First Time" - Vance Joy
This makes me want to fall in love and be 17 again. I think I felt something that was close to love (if not it) around that age. No, to this day I have never been "in love" with someone; but I imagine it feels like this song.

"Los Angeles" - Mat Kearney
Dear word, Mat... tug on my heartstrings, why won't you? This song reminds me of everything I love about Los Angeles. The hope, dreams and dedication in all the people. You feel like you can do something here. It makes me want to quit my job and run away towards my dreams before it's too late.

"Lament" - Mount Moriah
This is the ultimate exhausted/broken-heart/tired-of-your-shit/middle-finger song. I mean with  lyrics like, "A mouthful of bees / Couldn't stop me / From whispering, / I don't know you," you can bet that the singer has been scorned. Don't get on her bad side; pretty sure any chance this person had is gone.

"Family and Genus" - Shakey Graves
I might love Shakey Graves even more after seeing him live this past November. He put on a long show, way longer than anyone expected, and had the personality of a rockstar the entire way through. No complaining, just pure joy through the beads of sweat. I love performers like that. Plus, the dude came out and hung out afterwards with the leftover crowd. Best 25 bones I've spent in a long time.


Which songs were your favorites? 

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