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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Whoa people, I'm alive. The past couple of months have been weird, but with 2015 looking up. 2014 sucked. Yuck. I've booked multiple camping trips, have done a few test shoots (getting back into the modeling game, alllllright!), got tickets to amazing shows and got a "lightened" workload at my 9-5 (meaning, I get to concentrate on the parts of work that matter most to me, win!). I was going to post another 'hiatus' message on DAVY and I really realized I would never make this the blog I want it to be if I keep making excuses (and pushing it off to "plan"). Truth is, I love writing, photography and I love showing the things I'm experiencing (especially when it comes to surfing, style and motorcycles). So, onward! Creativity is a priority in 2015.

The other weekend I went up to the Hollywood Hills to shoot with Lou O'Bedlam. Huge fan of his raw and real portraits and I randomly hit him up to see if he would shoot with me. I had never seen Hollywood from the vantage point of these neighborhoods. I can see why people live there; the view is insane! I wore a Free People 'New Romantics' dress and thrifted boots from a quick trip to Seattle a year and a half ago. People are crazy sometimes with the things they give away to thrift stores. Don't they know what a score they have in their hands?!

Dress - Free People - Similar Styles
Boots - Thrift - Similar
All photos by Lou O'Bedlam.

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