Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Every once in a while, Forever21 just KILLS it. Ideally, I'm not into fast fashion. I prefer to go the thrifted route or buy something of quality (& then wear it to death for years). I'm also 6' tall so all their regular dresses become tunics on me and I usually have to pair it (reluctantly) with a pair of leggings. As much as we all love showing off a good booty, wearing no pants with a too short dress would significantly increase the amount of times I'd be looking to cater to my bikini line... a task I'm not too excited to do on the regs. I obviously do, but who likes the pain of waxing?!

Sorry, not sorry for making it weird.

This bone-color of the lace maxi sold out QUICK on their site, and for good reason. I quickly nabbed the black one before it was out of reach. It's perfect for layering over, um, layers or over a bra/bottom set like I did. Also, this thing is LONG *Hallelujah Hands emoji* so there are no leggings required. Well maybe some waxing but, no pain no gain right? This dress is a little romantic and a little ghostly, which is perfect for California winter coming into spring.

Lace Dress - Forever21 (similar)
High-waisted Bottoms - TJMaxx
Black Bra - TJMaxx
Faux Leather Moto Jacket - Zara (similar)
Black boots (not pictured but you can see them here) - Jeffrey Campbell

All photos by Juliana Johnson

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