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ON THE ROAD // Motos in Moab

Not going to lie; my self-confidence was shaky when I arrived in Moab. I made it all this way; but I realized I didn't really know anyone except from their Instagram. Luckily my friends Kiki and Jamie pulled up at the same time I pulled into the lot. I think these pictures really speak for themselves -- basically, I'm really glad I went.

Since we started on such an honest note, I'll continue by saying this was definitely a try anything once experience. I had a lot of fun and made a good amount of new friends; but I think I like the smaller motorcycle gatherings I've been too. Babes Ride Out is the main one I went to and maybe it feels smaller (even with 1K+ people) because it's a lot more, um, contained? HA! Motos in Moab was basically seeing how many people can get on a bike at one time and how many things you can set on fire. Essentially it's everything you expect when you mix males, machinery, beer, fire and women (a fun weekend).

ON THE ROAD // Motos in Moab ON THE ROAD // Motos in Moab Reviewed by Nathalie Kossek on Friday, August 26, 2016 Rating: 5

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