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Friday, December 23, 2016

I only saw the spectacular film, Kill Bill, this past summer. I knew about it, obviously I don't live under a rock, but the bloodiness always turned me off. Feeling I would be queasy the entire time, I went with my friend to see the double feature at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Not going to sugarcoat it, I was rather obsessed and mad at myself for telling myself I would hate it. It's like how I recently rediscovered eggnog. Thought I hated it; turns out it's one of life's greatest delights. Especially with whiskey. 

I'm really into the desert, it's kind of my vibe. So when the church scene popped up in the movie, I was kind of floored with how cool the outside was with the lone Joshua Tree. A quick google search and it popped up in Lancaster, CA. It's a quick drive from from LA if you leave at the right time and it's easy to spot. Only mistake we made was going in December when it's 50 degrees out and the gusts of wind make your eyes terribly glassy (CRYING!) and your hair knotted. Anything for the 'gram, right? No, please --- don't take that last statement seriously.

Blue dress - Forever XXI
Choker - Forever XXI
Hat - Stetson "Tom Mix" (learn more here)

All photos by Juliana Johnson

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