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WHAT I WORE // Stetson Tom Mix

Have you ever had one of those movie moments where you're walking by a retail window display, narrowly missing the treasures on display, only to backtrack your steps to take a look? Yep, pretty much happened with this thing on my head. Never thought I would have a ten-gallonish hat for the rest of my life. Or really a Stetson for that matter? Is it just me, or are they really stepping up their women's game lately? 

This is technically a men's hat, the style is called a "Tom Mix" and a I got it at Byrnie Utz Hats in Seattle, Washington. They did a great j ob of fitting and accommodating my really particular requests. The hat came as a dome on top, which they pinched and then I made the really LA choice of flattening the brim all the way around. They said they would attempt, but no promise. Came back after the steaming and shaping was done and I essentially made a SQUEEE sound, I was so excited. 

I've becoming rather unapologetic about who I am lately, and this is quite the statement hat. Everyone deserves a little "extra" in their lives, don't you think? 

Lace white top - Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Hat - Stetson "Tom Mix" (learn more here)

All photos by Juliana Johnson
WHAT I WORE // Stetson Tom Mix WHAT I WORE // Stetson Tom Mix Reviewed by Nathalie Kossek on Thursday, December 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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