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Monday, June 26, 2017

Welcome to a new feature on DAVY. I'll be posting my "Monday Motivation" at the beginning of the week - a series of posts where I feature my latest work plus a piece of photography, graphic design, etc, that is inspiring me to create more. Hopefully at the end of all these posts I can offer a piece of advice from the week or/plus a small homework assignment for you, my readers. Onto the work!

My Latest Work

This year has been really blessed as far as the projects I've been on. I've been shooting a lot more at my job and really diving into retouching, art directing and creative strategy. It's something i really love doing and love when people trust my vision. The most recent project I was able to shoot, edit and design was Nike Sportswear's Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit shoe for their Nike+ SNKRS app. The app essentially is a sneakerhead's first stop for exclusive and new sneakers. The premise behind this was a "Behind the Design" where the designer of this style explains their creative process. Nike wanted something new and not a typical "designer in their studio" vibe. It's been every thread/story so far. So we, at my agency, designed around a multi-media collage approach. Peeling back the layers of the Air Zoom Mariah if you will. The photography was shot at Aesthesia Studios in Mar Vista, CA and retouched/edited in house for production. Download the Nike+ SNKRS app here.


I've recently been inspired by analog scanning glitches. I really love the (ugh, hate this word) ...."authentic" nature of it. It's nostalgic and usually purely an accident. Nowadays we have these computer machine things that can make all the stuff intentionally. It also reminds me of zines and grassroots creativity -- where you really had to work with your hands to make your point.

Self-Inflicted Homework

Because I'm a sadist.

Create a glitch using natural materials. Use a scanner, xerox, etc to create a new image. Execute the final product however you like - animate it, posterize it, print it, make a desktop wallpaper. If you want to follow along and create your own, I'd love to see it. I'll be sharing my homework on my Instagram story every Sunday night, plus a thoughtful gold nugget of wisdom I found helpful to kick start your week. Follow me here to share yours.

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