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New Years Eve this year was spent in the Palm Springs Desert at a Flintstones-type old motel complete with hot tubs and heated pools. We grabbed some Jack in the Box and watched the concentrated patches of city lights in the desert before us. The next morning, after mango mimosas and a quick morning dip in the jacuzzi, we headed to Giant Rock in Landers, CA right outside Joshua Tree to ride dirt bikes and shoot air rifles. 

Giant Rock is on BLM land and is a great location if you want to ride bikes, ATVs and other recreational vehicles; without the worry of stepping on (or running over) anyone's toes. BLM land is also free camping, so it's not unusual to see an RV or tent posted up between the rocks. If you've never camped on BLM land, just be aware it's really primitive camping - meaning no facilities or regularities you'd see in a national park. It also has an insane backstory of aliens, german miners and explosions in the 1930's (click on the link above to read up on it). Giant Rock itself is really close to the Integatron; so if you're looking for it - head that way!

How'd you spend your New Years?

ON THE ROAD // NEW YEARS AT GIANT ROCK ON THE ROAD // NEW YEARS AT GIANT ROCK Reviewed by Nathalie Kossek on Thursday, January 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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